• Lapis Lazuli

     This is a relatively rare semi-precious stone that has been prized for over 5000 years dating back to the pharoahs of Egypt.  The beautiful blues and ultramarine pigment of the art of the Renaissance comes from the pulverized powder of this stone.

    A rock rather than a crystal, Lapis Lazuli is made up of a matrix of sodalite and calcite often with beautiful inclusions of golden pyrite.

    Metaphysical: Stimulates the 6th chakra and has been known as the 3rd eye.  Encourages deep insight and memory recall.  Draws anxieties to the surface.  Aids in communication and meditation.  Associated with truth, balance, and justice.

    Most of my Lapis comes from the mines of Afghanistan, the same minds of Badakhshan that provided the pharoahs with this treasure.

    p.s.  Lapis is Rays favorite gem.

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