Malachite ( 30024)

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LOOK at the characteristic rings of Malachite on this piece.  The stone is 1/8 inch thick, and measures approx 1 1/4 x 1 inch, you need feel the weight of this stone and see the the gorgeous green color. 

Cuff 5.5 inches, fits most.

Stone of Transformation

Life is lived more intensely under the influence of this adventurous stone, which encourages risk-taking and change.  It is believed to protect against the “Evil Eye” and warn of impending danger.

Malachite heals on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and stimulating the Life Force throughout the aura and body.

Malachite is dedicated to the Heart Chakra.  It is very inspiring, purifying, and compassionate, and attracts love by opening the heart.