About Us

Ray and Phyllis Chapman established LoofahBay as an outlet for our crafts approximately fifteen years ago.  At that time, we were interested in making all natural bath products:  soap, lotions, facials, and grew loofah gourds which are used as a natural bath sponge.  Thus, the name loofah..  We continue to make soap but over the last five years have had a new interest.


Ray is a self-taught lapidary, who loves slicing, cutting, shaping, polishing stones of all sorts AND creating jewlery from them.  His favorite is wire wrap and uses ONLY .925 Sterling and 14k Gold-fill.  Phyllis has a sincere interest and is sometimes too opinionated with suggestions about designs..


Phyllis has recently become interested in making Japanese Kumihimo braided cords, to coordinate with Rays' pendants, and has always had an interest in photography- so is learning the art of macro photography!!  Thus a website...