Lapis Oval (30004)

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Beautiful dark blue lapis with shinning pyrite is natures creation, but Ray cut, shaped polished to be set in contrasting sterling scalloped bezel.  An A+ eye catcher!  The double sterling cuff is of 8ga sterling a that will contour to wrist 7 inch or larger.

  Cuff  6.75 inches, for a larger wrist.

Stone of Understanding

Lapis is one of the oldest spiritual stones known to man.

Lapis is a crystal of truth in all aspects.  It reveals inner truth and promotes self-awareness and the acceptance of that knowledge.  It encourages the qualities of honesty, compassion, and uprightness when dealing with others.

As a protection stone Lapis recognizes psychic attack and block it, returning the energy back to its’ source.

Placed over the Third Eye Chakra, Lapis expands awareness and conscious attunement to the intuitive self, stimulating enlightenment and enhancing dream work.